Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 51

Vocabulary Warm-up Part 51

Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 51

To avoid referring too directly to unpleasant, embarrassing or personal matters we often prefer to use more indirect words or phrases, which are called euphemisms

Rewrite the following sentences, replacing the euphemisms, in italics, with more simple, direct words or phrases

.N1. I’m afraid Mrs Wild passed away last night ?N2. Excuse me, where’s the nearest public convenience .N3. Senior citizens are entitled to free bus travel .N4. Sadly, my grandmother is no longer with us .N5. In the middle of the exam I had to answer a call of nature .N6. His hat had seen better days .N7. We had to have our dog put to sleep



Died / toilet / old age pensioners / dead / go to the toilet / was very shabby / killed

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