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BBC 6 minute English-Business English: Socialising

BBC 6 minute English-Business English: Socialising

BBC 6 minute English-Business English: Socialising


Transcript of the podcast

NB: This is not a word-for-word transcript

Feifei: Welcome to another episode of 6 Minute English with me, Feifei

Neil: And me, Neil

Feifei: And what are we talking about today Neil

Neil: Well, today’s programme is all about business socialising. And, as we all know, socialising is a very important aspect of working life. Although it doesn’t always go the way we want it to, does it Feifei

Feifei: If you’re referring to the office New Year party, we said we wouldn’t mention that again

Neil: OK, I definitely won’t mention the word photocopier… Anyway, Feifei, I’ve been out and about talking to people about embarrassing things that happened to them while they were socialising at work. Have a listen to this!

Man: I was on a business trip abroad and people had quite difficult foreign names. I kept getting the names wrong with the people – so I’d be calling a man by a woman’s name and a woman by a man’s name. It was very embarrassing, but they were very nice about it

Woman: I always enjoying going to business socialising occasions, such as cocktail parties or conferences. But one of the most embarrassing things is you see somebody you find them familiar, you know you’ve met them before but you can’t remember their names, especially sometimes you get mixed up with where they work and job title, so that’s one thing I find embarrassing

Feifei: Oh dear. That sounds so embarrassing, poor lady! I’m sure something like that has never happened to you Neil

Neil: No Feifei, as you well know I never mix business with pleasure any more. Here’s Business Betty to help us find out what that poor lady should have done

BB: Hello you two! I trust you never find yourself in that situation but if you do, here’s what to do. If you’ve forgotten someone’s name or job title or where you have met them before, don’t panic! The best thing to do is: find out, apologise and move on. I’ll say that again: find out, apologise and move on. A good way to find out someone’s name is to say I think we’ve met before, haven’t we

Neil: I think we’ve met before, haven’t we

BB: Or You must be Feifei

Neil: Oh hello, you must be Feifei

BB: Or, I can’t quite remember your name

Neil: I can’t quite remember your name

BB: Step two is the apology. Neil, can you apologise please

Neil: Feifei, of course, how silly of me to forget

BB: Or say this

Neil: Oh yes, of course, I’m so sorry

BB: And once you’ve found out and apologised, move on! We all make mistakes and the best thing to do is get on with business. A really easy way to move things on is to say How are things with you

Neil: How are things with you

BB: And even easier is, How are you

Neil: How are you

BB: And then you can get on with things. Remember, we all make mistakes, and knowing how to get out of tricky situations is what makes the difference. Just try to keep the conversation flowing

Neil: We will Business Betty. You’re the best

Feifei: So there you go! Find out

Neil: Apologise

Feifei: And move on! She really does know what she’s talking about that Betty

Neil: You’ll never go wrong with Business Betty

Feifei: Neil

Neil: Do you feel a role-play coming on

Feifei: Yes! It’s role-play time

Neil: Surely it’s my turn to be the boss

Feifei: There’s no boss today, I’m afraid. For today’s role-play, let’s say we’re at a business event, and you see me, and you remember you’ve met me before, and you really want to talk to me, but you can’t remember my name. OK

Neil: I want to talk to you, but I can’t remember your name. Hmmm, could be tricky

Feifei: You’ll be fine. Are you ready

Neil: I’m ready


Neil: Hi there

Feifei: Oh hello

Neil: I think we’ve met before haven’t we

Feifei: Errr, have we? Oh yes, we met a couple of months ago, didn’t we? You knocked the cup of coffee over? It’s Neil… how are you Neil

Neil: I’m good, very good. Please forgive me. I can’t quite remember your name

Feifei: It’s Feifei

Neil: Of course, Feifei, how silly of me to forget. How are things with you

Feifei: How was that for you

Neil: Not too bad actually, I felt embarrassed though because I didn’t know your name but I was pleased because I dealt with it quickly and moved the conversation on

Feifei: That’s the way to do it! Do you want to try another one

Neil: Yes go on, I’m feeling quite confident now

Feifei: OK, this time, we’re at a business event. You think you know who I am and you want to come to say hello, OK

Neil: I think I know who you are and I want to talk to you. Got it

Feifei: Ready

Neil: Bring it on


Neil: Oh hello, you must be Feifei

Feifei: Yeah, hi there. Nice to meet you. You are

Neil: I’m Neil

Feifei: I don’t think we’ve met before, have we

Neil: Actually, I think we might have. You work in the media, right

Feifei: I do, yes

Neil: Yes I thought so: we were at the same dinner last month

Feifei: Oh yes, of course. I’m so sorry! How are you

Feifei: Well done Neil. Another tricky situation, another success

Neil: Find out, apologise and move on. Except this time I found out and you apologised

Feifei: Ha, yes, it works both ways

Neil: It’s a miracle

Feifei: Join us again for another episode of 6 Minute English

Neil: Err Feifei

Feifei: Yes

Neil: What’s your name again

Feifei: Goodbye Neil, goodbye everyone

Neil: Goodbye

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