Phrasal Verbs Practice – 70

Phrasal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 70

bump something up
: to suddenly increase something by a large amount
.Prices were bumped up by 10 percent last week

Brim with
.N1. if your eyes brim with tears, or if tears brim from your eyes, you start to cry
brim with
.Her eyes brimmed with tears
.Her tears brimmed over again as she started to speak
N2. be brimming (over) with something
: to have a lot of a particular thing, quality, or emotion
.The flowerbeds were brimming over with flowers
.He seemed to be brimming with confidence
.Rob was just brimming with enthusiasm

climb down
to admit that you were wrong, especially after being certain that you were right

change over
: to stop doing or using one thing and start doing or using another ——> changeover
.Complete all the exercises on one leg, then change over

change over to
.We hope to change over to the new software by next month
Cave in
N1. if the top or sides of something cave in, they fall down or inwards
cave in on
.The roof of the tunnel caved in on them
N2. to finally stop opposing something, especially because someone has persuaded or threatened you

cave in to
.The chairman is expected to cave in to pressure from shareholders

catch somebody out
N1. to make someone make a mistake, especially deliberately and in order to prove that they are lying
.The interviewer may try to catch you out
N2. if something unexpected catches you out, it puts you in a difficult situation because you were not expecting it or not fully prepared for it
.Even the best whitewater rafters get caught out by the fierce rapids here

: N1. to make someone feel happier or more confident
.The party is buoyed up by the latest opinion poll results
: N2. to keep profits, prices etc at a high level
.Increased demand for computers buoyed their profits
N3. to keep something floating


. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

buoy / catch out(2) / cave in /change over / brim with

.N1. Even the best whitewater rafters get ………………… by the fierce rapids here
.N2. The party is ………………… up by the latest opinion poll results
.N3. The interviewer may try to ………………… you out
.N4. The chairman is expected to ………………… to pressure from shareholders
.N5. Rob was just ………………… enthusiasm
………………… N6. Complete all the exercises on one leg, then



Caught out/ buoyed/ catch/ cave in/ brimmed with/ change over


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