Phrasal Verbs Practice – 56

Phrasal Verbs Practice 56


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 56

.Answer these questions

N1. If someone says they’ll go along with you when you make a suggestion, do they mean a. they agree b. they have changed their mind ?c. they disagree with you

N2. If someone gives in too easily to their children, are they a. very strict b. easily persuaded ?c. always arguing with them

N3. If your boss rules out an idea you suggest, does that mean she a. wants to do it b. isn’t sure whether to do it ?c. definitely doesn’t want to do it

N4. If you hear on the news that a government is bowing to international pressure, does it mean a. they are keeping the same opinion b. they agree with other countries ?c. they are changing their mind

N5. If someone says they want to smooth things over after an argument, does it mean a. they don’t want to talk to you again b. they want to make a problem less serious ?c. they want to agree with you



a/ b/ c/ c/ b

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