Phrasal Verbs Practice – 53

Phrasal Verbs Practice 53


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 53

.Match the beginning of each sentence with its ending

….. N1. The Marketing Director refused to go ….. N2. Although it’s very unlikely that we’ll get the contract, I wouldn’t rule it ….. N3. I’d like to settle ….. N4. I really want to smooth things ….. N5. The application for my credit card went ….. N6. Lucy was very resistant at first, but we eventually managed to win her ….. N7. After a very difficult meeting with the shareholders, the Board finally bowed ….. N8. Dominic’s very good at talking people


.a. through last week, and it arrived in the post this morning .b. to pressure and agreed to increase the annual dividend .c. along with our suggestions about the new product design .d. round to his way of thinking. That’s why he’s such a good negotiator .e. on a date for the interviews as soon as possible .f. over with Roger, as we have to work together every day .g. out completely !h. over. Now she loves the idea



N1. c N2. g N3. e N4. f N5. a N6. h N7. b N8. d

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