Nouns warm-up – part 2


 Nouns warm-up – part 2

Countable and plural nouns

Is the word in CAPITAL LETTERS a noun which is always plural, or the plural form of a countable noun? choose plural if the noun is always plural, or countable if the noun is countable

N1. She took her GLOVES off. Countable/Plural
N2. Remember to bring some warm CLOTHES. Countable/Plural
N3. His TEETH were white and even. Countable/Plural
N4. She was wearing blue SHORTS and a green T-shirt. Countable/Plural
N5. If you can’t see the ball, you need new GLASSES! Countable/Plural
N6. We import a lot of manufactured GOODS from China. Countable/Plural
N7. Some of the RESIDENTS have complained about the noise. Countable/Plural


: Answers

Countable/ plural/ countable/ plural/ plural/ plural/ countable


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