Language Activator – the world


Language Activator – the world

the world / the earth / earth / the planet / the globe

the world

: singular noun) the planet we live on, and all the places on it)

.In some parts of the world, clean drinking water is very scarce

all over the world

.You can buy Coca-Cola all over the world

around the world

in every part of the world

the whole world

everyone and everything in the world

.For South Africa, and indeed for the whole world, 1990 was a year of great change

the best, fastest etc in the world/the world’s best, fastest etc

.At age 116, she was believed to be one of the oldest people in the world


(singular/uncountable noun)

use this especially when you are comparing our world with the moon, stars, and other places in space

.Light from the stars can take millions of years to reach Earth

the earth/the Earth

.The earth revolves around the sun

the largest/oldest/poorest something on earth

.Vietnam is among the poorest nations on Earth

the planet

(singular noun)

use this especially when you are talking about problems that affect the environment

 .The massive volcanic eruption could affect the climate of the whole planet

the globe

(singular noun)

use this especially when you want to emphasize the great distances or areas involved in something that happens or exists in the world

 .Water covers over half of the globe

all over the globe

everywhere in the world

.This garden has exotic plants from all over the globe




: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. Scientists around ———— have been conducting similar experiments

.N2. Water is one of ———–’s most important resources

. ———– N3. The ceremony was seen on television around

. ———– N4. The blue whale is the largest animal on

.N5. The space shuttle returned safely to ———– on December 9th

. ———– N6. Energy conservation is vital for the future of

.N7. Ozone shields ———– from the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation

N8. Using satellites, television pictures can be seen on the other side of ———— almost instantly

N9. The two countries are trying to work out a peace deal with the whole ———- watching

.N10. It’s the ———- ’s tallest building



: Answers

the world / the Earth / the world / earth / earth / the planet / the planet / the globe / world / world

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