Language Activator – Include

Language Activator Include

Language Activator – Include

اغلب دیکشنری ها لغاتی را مترادف یک لغت معرفی میکنند. اما آیا تمامی مترادفهای یک لغت صد در صد معنای همان لغت را القا میکنند؟ مسلماً خیر. در این بخش از لغات هم معنی و یا نزدیک به لغت include را بررسی خواهیم کرد.


(transitive verb not in progressive)

: if a group of people, things, ideas etc includes someone or something, it has them as one of its parts

.Our tour party included several young families

.Symptoms of the disease include tiredness and loss of memory

.Today’s program will include a workshop on language learning games


(transitive verb not in progressive)

: to include particular ideas, images, or information – use this about books, films, reports etc

.The film contains some very unpleasant scenes of violence

.Her report contained some interesting suggestions

.All computer manuals should contain a list giving addresses of suppliers



someone or something that is among a group of similar people, things, ideas etc is one of the people or things in the group

.The prime minister was among the 300 people who attended the funeral

.Among the collection of photographs are two taken in Hamburg in 1911

among whom/which

.There were about twenty spectators, among whom were Bill, Maria and myself

range from something to

(verb phrase)

if prices, levels, temperatures etc range from one amount to another amount, they include both these amounts and anything in between

.Prices range from $10 to $500,000

.Levels of disability may range from very slight hearing problems to total deafness



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

Include / contain / range from / among

.N1. Prices ……………… $10 to $500,000 .N2. The prime minister was ……………… the 300 people who attended the funeral .N3. Her report ……………… some interesting suggestions N4. Symptoms of the disease ……………… tiredness and loss of memory



range from / among / contained / include

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