Language Activator – Idea

Language Activator Idea

Language Activator – Idea



(countable noun)

something that you think of, such as a plan or suggestion

have an idea

?We’re trying to think of a name for the book. Does anyone have any ideas

idea for

.Here are some new ideas for quick meals that taste great

it was somebody’s idea

they thought of it

.I never wanted to go to Spain. It was Sue’s idea

idea to do something

?Who’s idea was it to ask him to the party

the idea of (doing) something

.The idea of an underground garage in the park has provoked a lot of anger

idea that

.Nobody seemed very keen on the idea that we should all dress up for the party


(countable noun)

an idea – use this especially when you have not yet considered it carefully

.That’s an interesting thought. Let’s discuss it at the meeting

have a thought

.I’ve just had a thought – it might be quicker to go by bus

thoughts on something

.If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know

somebody’s thoughts about something

.I’d like you to begin by writing down your thoughts about the play

it was (just/only) a thought

spoken say this when someone seems to disagree with your idea

.That’s not a very good time of year to travel.’ ‘Perhaps not. It was just a thought



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

?N1. I have an ————- ,she said. ‘Why don’t you come with us

.N2. An ————- for a new TV game show



idea/ idea

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