Language Activator – Compete


Language Activator – Compete



.Any child between the ages of 8 and 12 is allowed to compete

compete in

compete against

.Bailey has competed against athletes half his age and won


compete in a sporting event or election – used especially in newspapers and television reports

.The leadership election will be contested by four candidates

contested [adjective] hotly contested

race a competition in which people try to run, drive, ride a horse, etc faster than other people in order to finish first

It’s a 10-kilometer race from downtown to the river.▪ the Breeder’s Cup races at Churchill Downs

win a race

qualify for a race to have run, driven etc fast enough to take part in a particular race

.Krystal has already qualified for the hundred-metre race in the Olympics next year



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. In 1991 White …………..the US Open and the J G Scott Trophy
.N2. Athletes from 197 countries ……………in the Olympic Games in Atlanta
.N3. He’s won three …………in a row, using the same car and the same engine
.N4. a hotly …………….Democratic primary



Contested/ competed/ races/ contested


Language Activator – Compete
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