Language Activator – Choose

Language Activator Choose

Language Activator – Choose

Choose/pick/select/go for/make a choice/take a pick


(intransitive/transitive verb)

to decide which one of several things or possibilities you want

?Will you help me choose a present for Warren

choose to do something

?Why do so few women choose to become engineers

choose whether/which/when etc

.It took her three hours to choose which dress to wear

choose between choose one of two things

.We have to choose between doing geography or studying another language

choose from choose from among several things

.Import restrictions will reduce the number of cars buyers have to choose from


 (transitive verb)

informal to choose something, especially without thinking very carefully about it

.Pick a number from one to five


(transitive verb)

formal to choose something by carefully thinking about which is the best or most suitable

.Our wines have been carefully selected from vineyards throughout Europe

select something from something

.The team’s name was selected from more than 1,700 suggestions

go for

(transitive phrasal verb)

spoken informal to choose something because you think it is the most attractive, interesting, or enjoyable

.I don’t usually go for horror movies

make a choice

(verb phrase)

to make a decision, especially a difficult decision, about which thing to choose

.I felt I was being forced to make a choice between my family and my job

make the right/wrong choice

.Sean’s decided to study law – I hope he’s made the right choice

take your pick

(verb phrase)

if someone can take their pick, they can choose exactly the thing that they want without anything limiting their choice

.She showed me the box of kittens and told me I could take my pick

.With so many houses for sale, buyers with cash can take their pick

take your pick of

.The program’s top graduate took her pick of five job offers



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. With so many houses for sale, buyers with cash can …….. their pick

.N2. It had been difficult to leave her unhappy marriage, but she had ……….. her choice

.N3. Whenever we eat out, she always …………. for the most expensive thing on the menu

.N4. Let me ……….the movie tonight – I don’t want to see another comedy

————- N5. I can’t decide what I want. You

N6. It’s very important that parents ————- the right school for a child with learning difficulties



Take/ made/ goes/ pick/ choose/ select

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