Language Activator – Ahead

Language Activator Ahead

Language Activator – Ahead



if someone or something moves ahead, looks ahead etc, they move or look towards a place in front of them

The doctor strode ahead to the end of the corridor, and waited there for the others to catch up

straight ahead

directly ahead

.Devraux stared straight ahead, without looking at his son


if someone or something moves on, they continue moving forward in order to get to a particular place

.He walked on without even stopping to say hello

straight on

directly ahead

.Go straight on to the end of this road, then turn left


also onwards British written if someone or something moves, travels etc onward, they move or travel forward, especially in order to continue a journey

.Traffic police stood at various points, waving the motorists onward



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. Keep ….in this direction for about 100 metres, and you’ll see the bank on your left .N2. He stuck his head out of the window but it was impossible to see ……..through the fog .N3. We wandered slowly…………, pausing now and again to admire the view



On/ ahead/ onwards

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