Language Activator – Accident

Language Activator Accident

Language Activator – Accident

Accident/ Mishap


(countable noun)

.She has been in almost constant pain since her accident

have an accident

serious accident

fatal accident

The number of fatal accidents in the construction industry has dropped dramatically in recent years

climbing/riding/skiing etc accident

.His best friend was killed in a skiing accident


(countable noun)

an accident that does not have very serious results, especially one caused by someone making a mistake

minor/slight mishap

.Josh had just had a slight mishap with the breadknife, and was trying to find a Band-Aid


:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. Robert had ————-in the lab.He was opening a bottle of acid and he spilt some on his hands

N2. Most serious ———–in the home involve electrical equipment or hot liquids

N3. We managed to reach our destination, despite one or two ————-earlier on in the day


an accident/accidents/mishaps

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