IELTS Cue Card Sample 234 – Talk about a book you have at home

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card

Talk about a book you have at home

: You should say

 What it looks like
What the topic of the book is
Where you got the book from

and explain why you have kept at home

: Sample Answer

I have a good collection of books in my living room and the number would approximately more than 1000. I got some books as gifts and most of the others books were either bought by me or by my father

Among those books “The Republic” by the Greek philosopher Plato is a book that I think is important and that’s been in my collection for a long time

The book cover is a combination of red and yellow and it has several geometric shapes as well as the sculpture of the Plato himself. The back cover has a critical review of the book and other details of the publisher and printing details. The book is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC and this was concerning the definition and implementation of justice. This book is considered to be Plato’s best work and it has proven throughout the ages to be one of the most intellectually, influential and historically important works of philosophy as well as political theory. The book also discusses the immortality of the soul, the theory of forms, the roles of the philosopher, the social structure, justice and its intricacies and poetry in society

This was a book bought by my father as I have seen it from my early childhood. The binding and papers of the book were so good that the book still seems in new condition. I have read it once and thoroughly enjoyed the content of it. This book has amazed me and had opened lots of thought provoking topics in front of me

This book was bought by my father and it is one of his most favourite books. This is the main reason we have kept it with utmost care. Furthermore, this is a book worth reading and I consider it as one of the most valuable books at our home and that’s why we have kept it with care

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