IELTS Cue Card 987

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 987

Describe something that you have achieved and you are proud of

: You should say

what you have achieved
when you have achieved it
what was difficult about achieving it
and explain why you are proud of this achievement

: Model Answer

I have recently taken part in a photography competition organized by a local museum and won the second title. I consider it a great achievement and had been very proud of it. When I saw my photo in a daily newspaper as one of the winners of the competition, I was exhilarated. Many of my relatives and friends congratulated me for the accomplishment and I am fortunate to have the chance to talk about it

I am not a professional shutterbug and took a course on photography two years ago. I still consider myself a learner and this achievement is highly encouraging for me to go further. There were more than seven hundred contestants and being second in the final stage was not easy. The competition was announced in a local newspaper with the rules and policies to submit both digital and printed version of the photos and I selected three best shots of mine and submitted those to the organizer

The photograph that won me the second prize depicted an old woman anxiously waiting at the station for someone to arrive. It blended the red dress and her hat of the women with the train station’s red and white colour. A glimpse of the approaching train was visible at a far distant. I took this snapshot in 2012 and had long revered it as one of my best works as a photographer

The second prize brought me 300 dollars and a silver crest along with a certificate. The prize money was significant, but from an inspirational point of view, this was priceless. It definitely boosted my motivation to continue my work, which I was often confused about and made me renowned to the contemporary aspiring photographers. I have every valid reason to be proud of this achievement, I guess

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