IELTS Cue Card 983

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 983

Describe a situation when someone suggested a clever solution

: You should say

when it was
what the situation was
who suggested the solution
and say why you think it was a clever solution

: Model Answer

It may sound strange to many but I got a clever solution to reading books in last week. In fact, I love to read books and want to be with them always and everywhere – even in my toilet. So, do not be surprised with the matter

I was wondering how to install a small bookshelf inside the toilet to keep books on them because the privy was unable to accommodate a moderate bookshelf. So, installing a small shelf centring the tissue holder was a smart idea actually. I installed some small wood pieces in the shape of a shelf. It has taken the shape of a small shelf where I place two or three books together at a time and replace them once exploring the is completed

Barbara suggested the solution to me. In fact, I shared my dilemma with her and she suggested to install a small shelf made with a couple of timber. She also helped me to make the shelf. In fact, it was so easy for me that I did not even think this could be beneficial to meet my purpose

The solution to the problem was unconventional. I have never seen anyone practising such a weird thing before. And the idea came all of a sudden. But it was effective indeed. I have been using the shelf comfortably. Whenever I use the toilet at my home, I read a book and keep it there when I am done. It is helping to boost my reading habit to a great extent. So, considering all the facts, this is a clever solution to my problem of reading a book inside the lavatory

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