IELTS Cue Card 1054

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1054

Describe a time you found something someone lost

:You should say

what it was
when and where you found it
what you did after you found it
.and explain how you felt about finding it

:Model Answer

Just last week my dad lost his wallet. He was sure he dropped it somewhere in the house, so he went everywhere looking for it but found nothing. I know my dad is a bit forgetful so it could have been anywhere, in his room, outside the house or in one of the restaurants that he frequents

The wallet contains important identification papers and bank cards, and getting them redone is a big hassle, so he was bent on recovering it

I thought I’d lend him a hand, looking first inside our house, then went out asking around to see if anyone has picked it up. Unfortunately after hours of searching the wallet was still nowhere to be seen

I’d gone home and almost given up hope when I noticed something in dark brown lying under a chest of drawers in our living room. It was none other than my dad’s wallet! He must’ve accidentally dropped it there

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