IELTS Cue Card 1030

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1030

.Tell about a time when you had to write a lot

:You should say

When and where it was
What you had to write about
.Explain how you felt about writing a lot

:Model Answer

I believe, good reading and writing skills are the basic requirements of preparing for any examination. Writing is actually an art of using our creativity, skills, and imagination to create something that’s beautiful and expressive. Through writing, we convert our knowledge, thoughts and opinions into words so that we can store them in some notebooks or diaries for a lifetime. Sometimes our writings leave an everlasting impact on the mind of the readers

I am currently pursuing an MBA program and my favorite subject is marketing management. The subject teacher taught it so well that I could understand every concept of it thoroughly and eventually developed my interest in this particular subject. She tried her best to explain the theory with the help of suitable examples which made it so easy to understand and learn. We had our end-term exams at the end of the first semester. My first exam was of marketing management. For appearing in the examination, I reached in the classroom searched for my seat and settled there

After a while, the examiner arrived and distributed both the question papers and answer sheets. Although, the question paper was a bit lengthy, I got very happy and excited the moment I received it. My desire to write knew no bounds. I knew the answer to each and every question asked in the exam. I kept attempting all the questions very fast as the time was running out of my hands. A lot had to be written in a limited period of time. Without getting distracted for a moment, i continuously wrote for almost 3 hours. All the students in the examination room got astonished by the number of extra sheets I had taken. That was indeed a memorable day of my life as I had not written that much ever in my life before

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