IELTS Cue Card 1022

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1022

Describe a time you looked for information from the internet

:You should say

?When you did that
?What information you searched
?Why you looked for it on the internet

I’m going to tell you about a time I used the internet to look for information about social events online, which is very useful nowadays. I had just moved to Seoul and didn’t know a soul, so I began searching on Facebook. I found an expat page called “Expats in Seoul” which became one of my greatest resources for meeting locals and expats in the city. I believe that social media can be a great blessing

I’ve now been living in Seoul for 10 months, so I began this search my first month here. I initially wanted to find a meditation group and a language exchange group, and I found just that by scrolling up and down the feed and even writing a post myself; there were countless people who informed me about events in the area. So, since my first month I have been attending a meditation group on Thursday evenings and have met several friends via the expat meet up. Since then, I’ve expanded my horizons and even began regularly attending a Philosophy Forum on Wednesdays and have joined a yoga club, too

I decided to opt for the internet to start building my social life because I didn’t see many other options, as I am a freelancer. With this said, I don’t have co-workers and I can be a bit standoffish when I go out to the bar. Although you must use your judgment when meeting people from the internet, I think it can be a great tool when you first arrive in a new city alone. I find it to be quite an efficient way to put yourself out there to meet others. Although it can certainly be a curse at times, I certainly feel thankful for it

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