Idioms Exercises – Part 3

Idioms Exercises Part 3

Idioms Exercises – Part 3

:Use your dictionary of idioms to find the meaning of the following idioms

Bread and butter Out of the blue Donkey work In the red Red-letter day Chicken-hearted


Bread and butter وسیله امرارمعاش

Meaning: providing a livelihood or basic source of income, supplying the basic needs of life Example 1: a bread-and-butter job Example 2: the agency’s bread-and-butter account

(expressing thanks for hospitality: a bread-and-butter letter)

Out of the blue یهویی

Meaning: without warning; unexpectedly “Example: “she phoned me out of the blue

Donkey work خرکاری

Meaning: the boring or laborious part of a job; drudgery “Example: “supervisors who get a research student to do the donkey work

In the red بدهکار

Meaning: If you or your bank account are in the red, you owe money to the bank

Red-letter day روز بیادماندنی

Meaning: a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable “Example: “many a trout angler has had a red-letter day on Loch Awe

Chicken-hearted بزدل

Meaning: easily frightened; cowardly

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