Idioms Exercises – Part 112

Idioms Exercises Part 112

Idioms Exercises – Part 112


Your nearest and dearest Blood is thicker than water Run in the family Take after someone A chip off the old block Be born with a silver spoon in your mouth Hand down something Wear the pants


Home away from home Feel at home In the bosom of your family

Leaving home

Leaving the nest Pull up roots

Making or being in a new home

Settle in/put down roots (in a place) Settle down

.Here is a letter from Harry’s mother. Use the idioms to replace the bold phrases

runs in the family- feel at home- settle down- In the bosom of your family- leave the nest

,Dear Harry Your dad and I are so glad to hear that you are beginning to feel comfortable and feeling comfortable and relaxed already. Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary are fun to be with, aren’t they? They were a bit wild in their younger days. In fact, we wondered whether they would ever stay in one place and have kids. They did, of course, but it’s hard to believe that the kids have grown up and moved away from their parent’s home. You’re right- telling bad jokes is a common quality in your dad’s family. Just don’t tell your dad I said that ,Lots of love Mom


feel at home In the bosom of your family settle down leave the nest runs in the family

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