Grammar Warm-up – Part 8

Grammar Warm-up Part 8

Grammar Warm-up – Part 8

Passive Causative – Part 2

.Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

N1. Epilepsy —- to be caused by poor air, which —- to be carried by the veins to the brain

A. is believed / thought B. believes / is thought C. was believed / was thought D. is believing / is thinking E. will be believed / has thought

.N2. The Wii, which is a video game console —- by Nintendo —- on November 19, 2006

A. made / was released B. is made / was released C. was made / will release D. makes / released E. made / released

N3. He —- his first collection of poems in the early eighties and since that time he —- by critics and public

A. publishes / praised B. published / has been praised C. publishes / has praised D. was published / was praised E. will publish / will be praised

.N4. We can very confidently predict that if more of the forests —-, there —- erosion

A. are cut / will be B. cut / is C. will cut / was D. have been cut / used to be E. was cut / will be

.N5. The poor bird —- and all its efforts to escape from the trap —- in vain

A. has been captured / had been B. captures / were C. had been captured / was D. will capture / are E. had been captured / were

.N6. To have a clear image, stars —- with a telescope

A. must be observe B. had better observe C. should be observed D. had to observe E. could have been observed

.N7. It —- that his music —- thousands of people in the next years

A. was thought / will influence B. thinks / is influencing C. is thought / will influence D. will be thought / influences E. thought / influenced

N8. Archaeologists —- today that the pyramid of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh —- after being buried for generations

A. announced / had rediscovered B. announces / is rediscovered C. are announced / was rediscovered D. will announce / rediscovers E. have announced / has been rediscovered

.N9. A Malawi woman who —- with HIV five years ago —- a baby now

A. is facing / expects B. is faced / was expected C. was faced / is expecting D. faces / expected E. faced / will be expected

N10. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl —- an international bestseller that —- into more than 50 languages

A. is / has been translated B. had been / is translated C. is / has translated D. will be / translated E. was / will translate



N1. was believed / was thought N2. made / was released N3. published / has been praised N4. are cut / will be N5. had been captured / were N6. should be observed N7. is thought / will influence N8. have announced / has been rediscovered N9. was faced / is expecting N10. is / has been translated

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