English at Work – Episode 55 : To show you the ropes

English at Work Episode 55 : To show you the ropes

English at Work – Episode 55 : To show you the ropes


Transcript of the podcast


.Tom: Quick, gather round, here she comes


.Anna: Welcome back Denise, we just couldn’t survive without you

.Denise: Oh bless you

Narrator: Yes welcome back to Tip Top Trading Denise. Paul, the boss, was a little hasty in getting rid of her so now he’s asked her back but negotiated some new conditions which include learning how to be a Sales Executive, like Anna. But who’s going to show her what to do


?Paul: Oh, hello Denise. Nice to have you back. I suppose I had to eat my words didn’t I

Denise: Yes, well it makes a change from biscuits! Now, where have you put my stapler and my red pens

.Paul: Don’t worry about that, I’ve got you a new stapler and a new desk, right here next to Anna

.Denise: Oh lovely

.Paul: Well you wanted some experience in sales, so I thought Anna could show you the ropes

!Anna: Ropes? I don’t have any ropes

Narrator: Anna, if you ‘show someone the ropes’ it means you explain to someone how to do the job. You’ll be great at that

.Anna: Oh I see. Well I might know what to do but I’m no good at explaining it to someone else

Narrator: Well the best way is to start at the beginning. Why not suggest to her to ‘watch what I do’, or give her some of your tasks and say ‘please could you make a start on these?’ and then reassure her by saying ‘I’m here to help so please ask me if you need to know what to do.’ Good luck

?Anna: Thanks! (To Denise) So Denise, it’s nice to have you back, how’s your new desk

.Denise: Much bigger than my old one – and look, it goes up….and down

.Anna: Yes it does. OK, shall we make a start then and I’ll show you the ropes

?Denise: Oh yes Anna, of course Anna. Do I need to use the phone

!Tom: I reckon you’re quite experienced with the phone already Denise

Anna: Thank you Tom. We won’t make any calls yet, just watch what I do for a while. Look, I’m just checking our database so see who we haven’t called for a while

.Denise: Oh yes

.Anna: I’m just checking the dates here…in fact Denise, why don’t you make a start on this


.Denise: Of course…oh look, my phone’s ringing

?Tom: Are you going to answer it then

!Denise: Oh right. Hello, Tip Top Trading, Denise speaking…oh hello Marge! (To Anna) It’s Marge, Anna

.Anna: Oh right. I’ll leave you to it – I’m here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to do

Denise: OK Anna, I won’t be long. (Back to the phone) So Marge, how did it go the other night? Really? Really! Well, I’m sitting at my new desk

!Tom: Nice to have her back hey?! Some Sales Exec she’s going to be

Narrator: Everyone has to start somewhere Tom! Now Anna is helping – or coaching – Denise I’m sure she’ll become an excellent worker. Here are some of the phrases Anna used to help her

.Let me show you the ropes .Watch what I do for a while ?Why don’t you make a start on this .I’m here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to do

.Narrator: Let’s find out how Denise is getting on

Denise: (Still on phone) So I said to him, it’s just not my colour…yes exactly…hold on Marge, everyone’s looking at me. I’d better call you back. Yes, tonight. Bye

Tom: Hmm, you’ve certainly got a good phone manner. Do you think you could order some pens now, we’ve run out

.Denise: That’s not my responsibility anymore

.Tom: Err, I think it is

!Denise: Isn’t

.Tom: Is

!Denise: Isn’t

!Anna: You two, please

Tom: Well, she’s got time for personal calls but not to order pens. (PHONE RINGS) Oh hold on….Oh Hi Jim, how’s things? Yeah! Did you catch the match last night? What a goal

!Denise: Really

Narrator: Oh dear Anna. Things aren’t going well. It’s time to sort things out again but what are you going to do? Join us again next time to find out. Bye

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