Corpus Warm-up – Part 1

Corpus Warm-up Part 1

Corpus Warm-up – Part 1


Something that is abundant exists or is available in large quantities so that there is more than enough OPP scarce

an abundant supply of fresh water abundant opportunities for well-qualified staff

Examples from the Corpus


 During the 18th century land was cheap, grain was plentiful, and meat was abundant

 an abundant and cheap supply of oil

 The food was abundant and delicious

 It must time the laying of its eggs so that its chicks hatch when caterpillars are most abundant, and most palatable

 His yellow teeth gleamed in the abundant black of his full beard

 We now live in a world where labor is abundant compared to capital

 Plant fossils are abundant in some types of rock

 Latin America has an abundant labor force and natural resources

 What a spiritual affirmation to an abundant life

 E-mail applications are abundant on Linux and choosing one can be the most difficult part in getting started

 His entertainment featured abundant wine and cigars, though he himself was a non-smoking teetotaller

 Sam Waterston reads from the abundant writings of the tall, soft-spoken Jefferson

Origin abundant (1300-1400) Old French Latin, present participle of abundare; → ABOUND

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