Confusing English Words – become / get / turn


Confusing English Words – become / get / turn

بسیاری از کلمات وجود دارند که معنی یکسانی دارند، اما در واقع تعاریف و کاربردهای مختلفی دارند.
شما می خواهید درست صحبت کنید و از به کار بردن کلمات نادرست خودداری کنید، اما در مورد معنی دقیق و کاربرد هر کلمه کاملا مطمئن نیستید.
بعضی از زبان آموزان حتی به دلیل تردیدهایشان از به کار بردن کلمات خودداری می کنند!
هدف ما در این سری از پست ها روشن کردن رایج ترین کلمات گیج کننده در انگلیسی است.

become / get / turn

.Words like turn, become, get, and go can describe changes and transformations – but they’re each used in different expressions

:Use turn for colors

.Bananas turn black if you put them in the refrigerator
.The sky turned pink and orange during the sunset
.My uncle’s hair is turning white

:Use turn into when talking about a complete transformation

.The caterpillar turned into a butterfly
.The couch in the living room can turn into a bed
.My dream turned into a nightmare

:In informal English, use get with emotions

.I got angry when my colleague said things about me that weren’t true
.My son’s getting excited about his birthday party next week. He’ll be 5
.We always get really bored in history class

:You can also use get with comparative adjectives

.It’s gotten more expensive to buy an apartment in this city
.I’m getting better at playing the piano – I’ve been practicing a lot
!It’s getting easier and easier for me to understand movies in English

:Become can be used with emotions and comparative adjectives in more formal English

.My sister became depressed after she moved to a new city
.It’s becoming more difficult to balance work and life in the modern world

:Always use become with professions (never “get” or “turn”)

.My son is studying really hard. He wants to become a lawyer someday
.Shirley Temple became a famous actress when she was just four years old

:Finally, use go with these specific words

go crazy
go blind
go deaf
go bald
go bad (when food or drink becomes bad and you can’t eat it)

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