Collocations with memory

Collocations with memory

Collocations with memory

Choose the appropriate answer

? Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

 N1. a very upsetting memory

a very tearful memory a hurtful memory a painful memory

 N2. a very clear and detailed memory

a sharp memory a graphic memory a vivid memory

N3. A memory that is not clear, from a long time ago

an indistinct memory a foggy memory a dim memory

? Which word best completes the sentence

N4. I __________ many happy memories of the years I spent in Boston

know remember have

N5. When I returned to the village, it __________ so many memories of my childhood

called back brought back bought back


: Answers

N1. a painful memory N2. a vivid memory N3. a dim memory N4. have N5. brought back

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