Collocations with journey


Collocations with journey

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

? N1. the journey to a place, away from home

 the outgoing journey •
the outward journey •
the outwards journey •

? N2. the journey back from a place

 the reverse journey •
the return journey •
the backward journey •

? N3. a journey that did not achieve the result you wanted

 a failed journey •
a wasted journey •
a useless journey •

? N4. a journey that is very long and full of interesting events

 a heroic journey •
an epic journey •
a perilous journey •

? Which word best completes the sentence

. N5. Longford is a good place to ____________ your journey for an hour or two

 break •
pause •
stop •


: Answers

N1. the outward journey
N2. the return journey
N3. a wasted journey
N4. an epic journey
N5. break

Collocations with journey
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