Collocations with Access

Collocations with Access

Collocations with Access


Access noun


point –

road, route –

code –

(course (= helping people without qualifications to study) (BrE –


access for –

.improved access for disabled visitors

access to –

.He was finally granted access to the medical records



direct, easy, free, full, good, ready, unfettered, unlimited, unrestricted –

.Students have easy access to libraries

limited, poor, restricted –

.Access to this information is severely restricted

unauthorized –

greater, improved –

fast, immediate, instant, quick, rapid –

secure –

equal –

.Men and women should have equal access to education and employment

universal –

universal access to education

public –

vehicle, vehicular (BrE), wheelchair –

broadband, dial-up, Internet, network, remote, Wi-Fi, wireless –

high-speed Internet access



have –

gain, get –

(give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with –

.The computer provides access to all the information

demand, require, seek, want –

control –

(allow (sb), grant (sb –

block, deny sb, limit, prevent, refuse (sb), restrict –

.Some people are being denied access to adequate medical care

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