Collocations in Use – Part 75

Collocations in Use Part 75

 Collocations in Use – Part 75

.Find a collocation that matches each of these definitions

N1. an untrustworthy person N2. senselessly violent behavior N3. not take one’s duties seriously N4. provoke a fight N5. be blamed N6. spoil the mood N7. despise (N8. a negative impact (on other people

a. a disruptive influence b. mindless violence c. a slippery customer d. take the flak e. poison the atmosphere f. shirk one’s responsibilities g. hold in contempt h. pick a fight



N1. a slippery customer N2. mindless violence N3. shirk one’s responsibilities N4. pick a fight N5. take the flak N6. poison the atmosphere N7. hold in contempt N8. a disruptive influence

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