Collocations in Use – Part 14


 Collocations in Use – Part 14

.Complete the paragraph using words from the box

error     firm         grasped      laterally         pass         poor

Recent research shows that people who spend time meditating each day improve their mental abilities. It seems that meditation particularly enhances our ability to think in creative, unusual ways, in other words, to think ‘outside the box’or think . . ….  It may, then,have been an unfortunate ………..of judgement on the part of the management at BNM and Co. to put a stop to the yoga classes that staff had organised for their lunch-breaks

It would seem that our managers have not yet………. . the importance of these classes,’ explained yoga instructor Zandra, ‘but it is not my place to …………..judgement on them. Their judgement may be………… at the moment but it is my …………conviction that as people come to understand yoga better, they will see how it could benefit the company as well as individual members of staff



laterally / error / grasped / pass / poor / firm


Collocations in Use – Part 14
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