Collocations in Use – Part 117


 Collocations in Use – Part 117

.Choose the correct collocation

.N1. First I’d like to make a few beginning / I opening / I starting remarks
.N2. I’m not going to enter / I bring / I come into any further discussion of the issue
.N3. I hope I can manage to collapse / I staunch / I allay your fears
.N4. I wish we could put a close / I stop / I halt to the redevelopment plans
.N5. I love it when she sparks / I clears / I breaks into song as she prepares our meal
.N6. We must do something to close off / I dispel / I break off the rumours about us
.N7. The guards soon managed to quell / I collapse / I allay the unrest at the prison
.N8. At long last the building is nearing finish / I termination / I completion



N1. opening
N2. enter
N3. allay
N4. stop
N5. breaks
N6. dispel
N7. quell
N8. completion


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