British Council-IELTS Listening Tips 1

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British Council-IELTS Listening Tips 1



Transcript of the podcast

Passenger (P): Hello, I wonder if you could help me? I’d like some information about travelling from Nottingham to Manchester

Information clerk (IC): Yes, of course. When would you like to travel

P: Well, I’m not sure. I’d really like to go on Friday and come back on Sunday. But I’ve been told it’s much more expensive to travel on a Friday so it depends. If that’s the case, then I’d either go on Thursday evening or on Saturday morning

IC: Right. Well let’s have a look. It depends how soon you are planning on going. If you buy the ticket in advance, you can save a lot of money. And if you have a student card you’ll also get a reduction with that

P: I’d like to go next weekend

IC: OK. If you want to go on Friday morning there’s a train every hour from ten to six or a bus that leaves at twenty five to eleven

P: And what about coming back on Sunday evening

IC: Well, again you’ve got a train every hour. That runs at twenty minutes past the hour. And the bus is less frequent but there’s one at ten past 6 and another one at quarter to nine

P: How long does it take

IC: One and a half hours by train and two and a quarter by bus

P: Is there much difference in price

IC: Let me see. The return bus ticket works out at £۲۳٫۷۰ and the train would be £۴۲٫۴۰ if you travel on Friday. But, did you say you had a student card

P: No, I haven’t

IC: Well, you could get a student card for £۹٫۹۹ and that would cut the price to £۳۱٫۶۰ on Friday. And if you travel on Thursday or Saturday, it would be a bit cheaper £۲۴٫۸۰٫ And that means you would get a 30% discount on all future train travel in the next 12 months

P: Oh, thank you. Well, I’ll take the student card. And I’ll take the return train ticket at ten to ten on Friday morning and coming back at twenty past seven Sunday evening

IC: OK. Now if you could just give me your details for the student card. What’s your name

P: My name is Johann Weizmann. That’s J-O-H-A-N-N and my surname is W-E-I-Z-M-A-N-N

IC: Could you just repeat your surname for me please

P: Yes, that’s W-E-I-Z-M-A-N-N


Manchester ۱
Friday ۲
Sunday ۳
in advance ۴
a student card ۵
hour ۶
۱۰٫۳۵ ۷
۲۰minutes ۸
۶٫۱۰and 8.45 ۹
۲and ¼ hours ۱۰
۳۰% ۱۱
۱۲Months / Year ۱۲
Johann Weizmann ۱۳


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