Afarinesh Strategies Part 4 – Matching Strategy 3

IELTS Strategies

Matching Strategy 3

تمرین سوم استراتژی مچینگ


Scan the passage looking for words, dates, or phrases from the questions. When
you find one, read the entire sentence. Is there a related term or paraphrase in the
list? If not, read the sentence that comes before or after

متن را اسکن کنید و کلمات،تاریخ و عباراتی که در سوال ها می بینید را در آن بیابید. به محض برخورد به هر کدام کل جمله را به همراه جمله قبل و بعد آن بخوانید.


Don’t just match identical words. Be sure to understand the context

لزوما لغات مشابه بهم مربوط نمی باشند لذا به مفهوم دقت کنید.


Paragraph 3

Read the paragraph. Match each shelter type (Questions 7-9) with the correct description

Words for different types of traditional Native American shelters are well known in our language, but there is often confusion or misinformation about what type of shelters these words actually refer to. The word wigwam refers to a type of shelter that was typical in the northeastern part of what is now the United States. It was a small, dome-shaped dwelling made of a frame of arched poles covered with materials such as grass, brush,reeds, or bark. The tipi was typical on the Great Plains. It was a tall, tent-like structure made of the hides of bison stretched over a framework of poles lashed together at the top. Perhaps the most misunderstood word of all is igloo. This does not necessarily refer to a house made of snow, although it often does. Among the Inuit, the native people of northern Alaska and Canada, the word simply means house and can refer to any dwelling at all: a sod house, a wood shack, a modern house made of concrete, or any other building that people live in


List of Descriptions
A. a tall tent covered with animal skins
B. a concrete building
C. Inuit word for any type of house
D. small, round, covered with plant material
E. a log cabin


: Answers

Wigwam D
Tipi A
igloo C

Afarinesh Strategies Part 4 – Matching Strategy 3
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