Afarinesh Strategies Part 3 – Matching Strategy 2

Afarinesh Strategies Part 3 Matching Strategy 2

Matching Strategy 2

تمرین دوم استراتژی مچینگ


Scan the passage looking for words, dates, or phrases from the questions. When you find one, read the entire sentence. Is there a related term or paraphrase in the list? If not, read the sentence that comes before or after

متن را اسکن کنید و کلمات،تاریخ و عباراتی که در سوال ها می بینید را در آن بیابید. به محض برخورد به هر کدام کل جمله را به همراه جمله قبل و بعد آن بخوانید.


Don’t just match identical words. Be sure to understand the context

لزوما لغات مشابه بهم مربوط نمی باشند لذا به مفهوم دقت کنید


Paragraph 2

Read the paragraph. Match each plant family (Questions 4-6) with the correct characteristics

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, learning to identify wild flowers is not necessarily complicated. The easy way to start is by learning the common characteristics of the different plant families. Members of the mint family are easily recognizable by the four-sided shape of their stems. Mints also have opposite leaves and tubular-lipped flowers. Plants of the carrot family bloom in compound umbels-umbrella-shaped clusters. They are also characterized by hollow flower stalks. Members of the rose family include much more than the familiar garden rose. Apples, strawberries, and raspberries, for example, are all members of the rose family. Plants in this family have opposite leaves, flowers with five petals, and their stems may or may not be thorny

Mint Carrot rose

                                                      list of characteristics A. round flower stalks B. square stems C. alternate leaves D. flower in clusters E. five-petals blossoms


: Answers

Mint B Carrot D Rose E

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