Afarinesh Strategies – Part 149 – Listening – Part 35

IELTS Strategies

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Listening : Part 35



: Questions

.Choose the correct answer: A, B or C

N1. The students are each preparing
.A. an ecology presentation
.B. a report on recycling
.C. a talk about climate change

N2. In his work, Robert is focusing on
.A. data from a nearby area
.B. rubbish collection figures
.C. national recycling statistics

N3. Meanwhile, Millie’s focus is
.A. why the local area is not recycling enough
.B. a policy of the local council that has failed
.C. efforts to grow the recycling rate

N4. As part of her research, Millie has talked to
.A. opponents of the new recycling scheme
.B. people involved in the political process
.C. reporters and rubbish collectors



N1. B – Working on my recycling report
N2. A – I’m looking at the statistics for recycling collected by the local council
N3. C – My report is all about what Greenwood Council are doing to increase the amount of rubbish that is recycled
N4. B – I’ve spoken to several councilors and local activists who have done a lot on this issue


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