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BBC 6 minute English-Royal baby talk

BBC 6 minute English-Royal baby talk

BBC 6 minute English-Royal baby talk


Transcript of the podcast


Rob: Ah, what a familiar sound – a baby crying! Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English, I’m Rob

Neil: And I’m Neil, hello. So Rob, is that the sound of the new royal baby

Rob: No – it’s not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new-born baby – although I’m sure their little one is just as loud

Neil: Yes – we know all about babies, don’t we Rob, because we are parents. We know all about childbirth – well, almost as much as our wives – and all the advice people give us about caring for our children

Rob: We do – hold on, I’ll just calm this baby down (Baby stops crying) – that’s better. So, I might have excellent parenting skills but how different are they to the ones William and Kate will need? We’ll be discussing that soon and looking at some of the language of having a baby. But first, how about a question, Neil

Neil: Good idea

Rob: How well do you know the British royal family? Do you know when Prince William – the father of the new baby – was born? Was it on

a) 21st May 1982

b) 21st June 1982

c) 21st October 1982

Neil: I don’t really remember but I’m going to go for b) 21st June 1982

Rob: Ok – I’ll let you know the answer later on. But now let’s get back to 2013 and the arrival of the latest member of the royal family. Neil, when your baby was born, how did you announce it – or tell people

Neil: With my first child I phoned and texted. With my second child only two years later it was all about Facebook

Rob: Indeed. Well, when my daughter was born in the maternity unit at our local hospital, I sent out texts messages to my friends and family. I know people also send out cards or photos of the baby

Neil: And then later some people have a baby shower – not a shower with water – but a party where people give presents for the baby

Rob: I’m sure the royal baby will get a lot of presents but when royal births are announced, there is a lot of protocol – or special, traditional ways of doing things

Neil: Yes, when Prince Charles was born in 1948, the announcement was very formal. Listen to the words that were used in this BBC broadcast

BBC Newsreader

It has just been announced from Buckingham Palace that her Royal Highness, Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh was safely delivered of a prince at 9.14pm and that her Royal Highness and her son are both doing well. Listeners will wish us to offer their royal congratulations to Princess Elizabeth and the Royal Family on this happy occasion

Rob: So, the newsreader very formally gave the good news that Princess Elizabeth – now Queen Elizabeth – was safely delivered of a prince

Neil: Delivered – that sounds like delivering a letter – but here it means ‘gave birth to a baby’. The newsreader also said that people want to give their royal congratulations

Rob: Yes, and he described it as ‘a happy occasion’ – so a happy moment and something to celebrate. But now, once it was officially announced, news about the latest royal birth spread quickly around the world via social media

Neil: It is the 21st Century Rob – and I think this new baby will have a very different upbringing – that’s the way parents look after the baby. Of course William and Kate will have the benefit of having a nanny – someone to help out with childcare and doing the housework around the palace

Rob: Very nice. But it has been reported they want to become more involved in caring for their baby than royal parents did in the past. They don’t want the nanny to be a replacement mother

Neil: Well that’s good to hear and by showing modern parenting skills it may set an example to other parents

Rob: Of course the new baby is going to lead a very different life to our children. One thing is for sure, ours won’t become king. But babies from all backgrounds need feeding and changing. Not everything about having children is great eh Neil

Neil: That’s true. I don’t think I’m going to miss those dirty nappies. So come on Rob, it’s time you gave me the answer to the question

Rob: Earlier I asked you if you knew when Prince William – the baby’s father – was born

Neil: And I said 21st June 1982

Rob: You are right. He was born in June 1982 – so would you say he is quite young to be a father

Neil: These days I suppose he is quite young, compared with me, yes – but those sleepless nights will make him feel older

Rob: OK Neil, could you remind us of some of the vocabulary that we heard today

Neil: little one maternity unit a baby shower protocol delivered upbringing nanny nappies 

Rob: Thanks Neil. OK that’s it for this programme. Do join us again soon for more 6 Minute English

Both: Bye

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