BBC 6 minute English-Feeling good about your country

BBC 6 minute English-Feeling good about your country

BBC 6 minute English-Feeling good about your country


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Rob: Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English from bbclearningenglish. Now, is there anything that makes you feel good about your country? This is what I’m talking about with Finn today. Hello Finn

Finn: Hi Rob. Yes, this is something we call national pride. Pride is a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people or places connected with you have done something good

Rob: So it is a good feeling. We can also say ‘to take pride in something’ so we feel good about doing something

Finn: Some people in Britain – or the United Kingdom – recently felt proud when it was announced the first ever British astronaut is to go to the International Space Station. An astronaut is a person who has trained to go into space

Rob: We will talk more about this and what makes us proud soon. First I need to set you a question, Finn

Finn: And hopefully I will take pride in getting it right, Rob

Rob: Maybe. Do you know the nationality of the first astronauts to live in the International Space Station back in the year 2000

a) Russian

b) Ukrainian

c) American

Finn: I’m going to say a) Russian

Rob: I will let you know the answer later on. So, let’s talk more about national pride. Commander Tim Peake is to be the first British man to go to the International Space Station

Finn: Many people in the UK feel pride that he is going to fly the flag for Britain. In other words, he is going to represent Britain in space

Rob: Yes, it’s a good feeling to know that a person from your country is involved in space exploration

Finn: Well let’s hear from Tim Peake. What words does he use to describe his feelings

Commander Tim Peake

I don’t think I need to tell you I am absolutely delighted with this decision. It was an honour to be selected in 2009 as an astronaut into the European astronaut candidate as British citizen. But it really is a true privilege to be assigned to a long duration mission

Rob: He feels good! He says he is delighted – so very happy – and he described being chosen for the mission as an honour, so something he is proud to do

Finn: And finally, he said it was a true privilege. That means he is very lucky to have the opportunity to do it. I suppose, I would feel the same if I was the first astronaut to represent my home country, Scotland

Rob: Scotland, Finn? Not the United Kingdom

Finn: Good point, I am both. As you know, the United Kingdom is made up of smaller countries, one of which is Scotland where I am from. Rob, I know you’re from England which is also part of the United Kingdom, or the UK. Do you take pride in being English or British

Rob: Both. I am proud of our English history and countryside and I take pride in seeing England winning at football, sometimes! But I am also proud that England is part of the United Kingdom and how we have such a diverse population – so many different types of people

Finn: That’s true and in the 2012 Olympics we were proud to see British athletes win lots of medals

Rob: Well, the British are not as proud as some countries are. A BBC survey discovered people from developing and middle-income countries said the way their team performed at the Olympics was very important to their national pride. We asked people on Facebook what made them proud about their country and this is what some of them said

Finn: Gilberto said:In Brazil we are proud of Ayrton Senna who won Formula 1, and I am proud because Brazil is a wonderful Country to live in: we have nice places like beaches, waterfall, cities like São Paulo and good people

Rob: Sambath said:Angkor Wat is the 7th wonder of the world that makes me proud to be Cambodian

Finn: Nachiya from India said she is proud of the country’s rich culture and that it has one of the great wonders, the Taj Mahal, a wonderful place

Rob: So people and places can make give you pride. One thing I am proud of is the BBC – the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is something that is respected around the world, something in the United Kingdom we can be proud of

Finn: Yes, I think it’s when you’re abroad, in another country, that you realise what makes you proud of your home country

Rob: Yes, when I am abroad and I see something made in Britain or if I hear music by a British band, it makes me patriotic. That means showing love for your country and being proud of it. Earlier I asked you if you knew the nationality of the first astronauts to live in the International Space Station back in the year 2000

Finn: I said a) Russian

Rob: You were sort of right. It was a bit of a trick question. The nationalities of the first people to go to the International Space Station were Russian and American. Well back here on planet earth we just have time for a reminder of some of the words we have heard today

Finn: Yes. We heard

national pride to fly the flag to represent delighted an honour privilege respected patriotic

Rob: Thanks Finn. That’s all we have time for today. Please join us again soon for another 6 Minute English

Both: Bye

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