Listening Multiple Matching Questions

Listening Multiple Matching Questions

  این نوع سوالات که بیشتر در قسمت دوم و سوم لیسنینگ آیلتس با آنها روبرو می شویم، توانایی واژگانی و حضور ذهن شما را همزمان به چالش می‌کشند. برای پاسخ دادن به آنها از استراتژی های زیر استفاده کنید :

You will see 2 groups of words or sentences and need to match the lettered options (e.g. A-F) with the numbered items (e.g. 1-4

TIP 1: The numbered items appear in the order in which you hear them, but the lettered options do not

.TIP 2: Make sure you read all of the options before the recording starts

TIP 3: The words that you hear that give you the right answer may not be the same as the words on the page. On the other hand, you may hear the exact word from one of the options, but this does not necessarily mean it is the right answer

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