Language Activator – Attract

Language Activator Attract

Language Activator – Attract



.The drug’s low price attracts school- and college-age users

attract somebody to something

.What attracts me to the job is the salary and the possibility of foreign travel

attract interest/support/attention etc


to make someone want to have or do something, even though they know they really should not

.Too many investors are tempted by the idea of making a quick fortune

tempt somebody into (doing) something

Most infomercials try to tempt television viewers into buying beauty aids, kitchen gadgets and other products

be tempted to do something

.I’m tempted to take a nice long vacation before I start the new job


to attract someone to buy a particular product, support a particular political party etc, by making it seem very attractive – used especially in order to show disapproval

.Hunt was seduced by the lure of fame and show business

seduce somebody into doing something

TV advertisements seduce people into buying a particular kind of chocolate bar, washing powder or car



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. The government has been accused of bringing down taxes simply as a means of ………….voters .N2. The Parisian shops have things to ………………even the strongest of wills .N3. Politicians still risk having affairs, knowing the massive media …………….they attract



Seducing/ tempt/ attention

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