Language Activator – Accept

Language Activator Accept

Language Activator – Accept

Accept / Take / Say yes / Agree


(intransitive/transitive verb)

.to say yes to an offer, an invitation, or a chance to do something

.I decided to accept the job


(uncountable noun)

:formal when you officially accept something, such as a job offer

.She phoned the personnel department to confirm her acceptance of the job offer


(transitive verb)

:if you take an opportunity or a job that someone offers you, you accept it

.This is a wonderful opportunity — I think you should take it

say yes

(verb phrase)

:spoken if someone says yes, they agree to do what you have asked or invited them to do

!We’d really like you to come to France with us this summer. Please say yes

say yes to (doing) something

?Do you really think your parents will say yes to letting you stay out late this Friday night


to say you will do what someone has asked you to do, especially something that may be difficult, inconvenient etc

.They’ve asked Tina to work overtime this week, and she’s agreed

agree to do something

.I’ve agreed to help Sarah move this weekend

take somebody up on/take up somebody’s offer

(verb phrase)

to accept someone’s offer to do something for you, especially when you accept the offer some time after it was made

If you ever need a babysitter, let me know.’ ‘Thanks, I might take you up on that some time

take up somebody’s offer of something

.In the end, Rick took up his parents’ offer of a loan

jump at the chance/opportunity

:to eagerly accept an offer to do something

.Marla jumped at the chance to spend a year working in her company’s UK office



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. I wish I had never ———–to teach Paul how to drive

.N2. Stephen says he’ll ———-the job if the money’s right

.N3. The president has———– an invitation to visit Beijing

.__________N4. We’ve invited Professor Shaw to come and give a talk and she’s

.——–N5. David doesn’t usually lend his car to anyone, so I was surprised when he said

?N6. If they offered you a place on the course, would you ————it


Agreed / take / accepted / accepted / yes / accept

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