Friends – part 2

Friends part 2

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Friends – part 2

?Was it weird changing your name to Geller Bing .No .no .It felt nice to acknowledge this ?Oh Where did you go to do it .Em The .the ministry of names .bureau !You never did it .I’m sorry .It’s Just the idea of being an official Bing .Hey! I would have you known that .ah .who am I kidding .Let’s call the kid Geller and let Bing die with me .Here you go ?Thanks! Honey, would you want me to take your name .Oh…it’s just It’s up to you .It’s your name .You’ve got to live with it .All right, Let’s see .Call me Mrs.Hannigan ?Mrs.Hannigan .What? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something? Oh I like it !Hey guys .Hey Joe .we’ve got a couple of things we’ve got to check out at the new house ?You wanna come with us .No, thank you .All right. I know You’re not happy about us moving, but you’re the only one who hasn’t seen the house .Yeah.Come with us, you’ll see how close it’s to the city .But no, it’s not close .You said it was in escrow .I can’t even find it on the map .Joey, please come. It would mean so much to us !You know what, you’re my friends.I wanna be supportive.I will come with you, shotgun .Damn it .See you guys later OK .I’ll pick you up at 11 .So glad you’re coming .All right Good for you .That was really mature .What? No The only reason I am going to their stupid new house, is so I can point out everything that’s wrong with it, so they don’t move .I am gonna make them stay here .You’re a strange kind of grown up .Joey, you can’t make someone do something they don’t wanna do .Believe me, there’s something I’ve been trying to get Mike to do in bed and there’s he is just ?oh hey Can we not talk about that right now .All right .Prude Look.Monica and Chandler really love this house .You’re not gonna talk them into staying here .Hey hey .I can convince people to do anything, you know .”I bet I can even get Mike to do that “thing .What is it? I AM NOT gonna help you do that! Oh my

.Hi Em .I’m here to see Mr.Campbell with Gucci.The reservation is probably under Gucci It !It’s spelled like Gukki, which can be confusing .Mr.Campbell is not here yet .Let me show you to his table .Oh my god .That’s my boss .You have to seat us somewhere else .I’m sorry.This’s always Mr.Campbell’s table .But my boss can not see me .I’m interviewing for another job .I know, with Gukki ?Rachel !Hah, I’m on a date .That’s great .Yeah it is .Yeah, you know, it’s tough.Single mom, career.You gotta get out there .Well, you got uhm .good energy Ah !oh Rachel Yes.Hi James Campbell Hi Hi .Execuse us Please .OK He’s cute So .your resume is quite impressive .My resume.I wouldn’t.I wouldn’t call my online dating profile a resume .Dating profile.I’m talking about the work resume .La la Whatever happen to just singing for no reason .Maybe people found it weird Maybe ?So.why do you wanna leave Ralph Lauren ?What .I,I don’t ?You don’t .No I lo .love it there ?If you don’t wanna leave, why are we having this lunch .That is my boss ?What .That is my boss ?That’s Hugo Boss .I believe what she’s trying to tell you is that I’m her boss !Mr.Boss … what a pleasure to meet you


Language Focus

Acknowledge people acknowledge something, they recognize how good or important it is

Ministry a government department that is responsible for one of the areas of government work, such as education or health

Bureau a government department or a part of a government department in the US

the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Official someone who is in a position of authority in an organization

a government official

Up to sb if something is up to you, you are the person who makes a decision about it

.Do you want to stay or go? It’s up to you

Escrow money, land, or a written contract etc that is held by someone who is not directly involved in an agreement while the agreement is being achieved

a property held in escrow

Mean to sb to be important to (someone)

to be something (someone) cares about I thought our friendship meant something to you

Supportive giving help or encouragement, especially to someone who is in a difficult situation – used to show approval

.My family were very supportive throughout the divorce

Mature someone, especially a child or young person, who is mature behaves in a sensible and reasonable way, as you would expect an adult to

Point out tell someone something that they did not already know or had not thought about

.He was always very keen to point out my mistakes

Grown-up behaving in a responsible way, like an adult SYN mature SYN: childish

Convince to persuade someone to do something

.I’ve been trying to convince Jean to come with me

Seat sb seat someone in/next to/behind etc someone/something

Tough difficult to do or deal with

.It was a tough race

Impressive something that is impressive makes you admire it because it is very good, large, important etc

.The figures certainly look impressive.figureAmong the guests was an impressive array of authors and critics

Weird very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain

A really weird thing happened last night

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