English at Work – Episode 66 : The Wedding Day

English at Work Episode 66 : The Wedding Day

English at Work – Episode 66 : The Wedding Day


Transcript of the podcast

Narrator: Hello and welcome to English at Work where the day has finally come –it’s Anna and Tom’s wedding. All their friends, work colleagues and business acquaintances are there… such as Mr Lime

!Mr Lime: Fantastic Anna, fantastic

Tom: (whispering) Yuk, Slimey Limey, I never liked him. Sorry about the venue Anna – but it’s all we could get at short notice

…Anna: I think the office at Tip Top Trading is an ideal place for a wedding and besides the


Mr Socrates: Anna! My favourite girl. I got here as fast I could. I thought I was the only man for you but I guess Tom has stolen that title! Your choice Anna, your choice

.Anna: Oh hello Mr Socrates, this is a nice surprise. Come over here and say hello to Tom

.Mr Socrates: Hey Tom

?Tom: Oh hello Mr S. Nice to see you. You’re not doing any firing today are you

Mr Socrates: Of course not Tom. In fact, as a kind of wedding present, I wondered if you wanted a new job? I’m offering you a chance to manage my new office in Paris

…Tom: Me?! Manager… in Paris! Well Mr S

?Anna: (coughs) Tom… aren’t we about to get married… start a life together

Tom: Oh yes.. erm, thanks Mr S for you kind offer but I will have to decline. I’m about to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful woman

Registrar: Ladies and gentlemen, please could you take your seats. The marriage ceremony is about to begin


…Registrar: Do you Anna Jane Wijaya

Mr Socrates: …out the way, give me that paper. (Clears throat) Do you Anna Jane Wijaya take Tom Brian Farquhar Darcy (everyone sniggers)… to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold from this day forward

…Anna: Ermm, errr

!’Narrator: Come on Anna. This is the most important phrase in the whole series! It’s ‘I do

.Anna: Oh yes, of course… I do

…Mr Socrates: And do you, Tom Brian Farquhar Darcy

.Tom: …it’s a deal… I do. Come on Anna, give us a kiss


!Anna: Oh Denise

Narrator: Ahh. It looks like Tom has signed the best contract of his career but not without these phrases

Thank you for your kind offer but I will have to decline !It’s a deal !I do

Anna: Thanks to everyone for making this a special day. If it wasn’t for Tip Top Trading I wouldn’t be starting a new life as Mrs Wijaya-Darcy

?Tom: Wijaya-Darcy? Shouldn’t it just be Mrs Darcy

!Anna: I’m the boss now Tom at work… and at home

Narrator: Congratulations to Anna and Tom. We have a happy ending – let’s hope Anna’s journey has inspired you to learn English at work

!Everyone: Bye

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