English at Work – Episode 36 : The power struggle

English at Work Episode 36 : The power struggle

English at Work – Episode 36 : The power struggle


Transcript of the podcast

(Anna on the computer, singing to herself)

Narrator: Welcome back to English at Work where Anna is very… well, very happy! You’re in a good mood Anna

.Anna: Well, I’m just back from France, where everything went really well. It was quite an experience

Narrator: Good. You got the contract for that big order. All you need to do now is to deliver what you’ve promised

.Anna: I know (singing to herself again)

?Denise: Hello Anna. Is Tom OK, he seems really grumpy since he got back from France

.Anna: He’s fine. He just had to sleep on the sofa last night

Denise: Really?! I’m sure that’s not what he was planning. Now, did Paul mention he’s got a new member of staff for you to meet this morning

.Anna: No

.Denise: Typical! Well, she’s coming up in the lift with Paul now

?Anna: Oh, so who is she

Denise: It’s Rachel. Do you remember? She’s the woman who Mr Socrates recommended. He says she’s brilliant and allegedly one of his best employees… oh, here she comes now

Paul: …and this is our office. Ah, Anna, there you are. Did I mention before you went to France, that Rachel is joining us for a while

.Anna: No

.Paul: Ah… well… here she is. This is Rachel

!Rachel: Hi

.Anna: Hi. I’m Anna. I work here as a Sales Executive

?Rachel: I know. You’re quite new aren’t you, ya

Paul: Not that new. She’s just won a great contract for us. Anyway, looks like you two are going to get on like a house on fire. Anna, I’d like you to, sort of, work alongside Rachel

?Rachel: Alongside? Shouldn’t I be in charge

Paul: Yes… it’s just, you know, you’re not familiar with our office and Anna is, sort of, across this new contract… so… if you don’t mind

.Rachel: OK. Just for now, but don’t think I’m going to be told what to do

?Anna: I’m sure you won’t be Rachel but maybe we could help each other

.Rachel: I’ll try

.Anna: Good! (To herself) Oh dear. This is awkward. I’ve never worked with anyone like this before

Narrator: Well, now’s your chance Anna. Rachel may be awkward to manage but try these phrases which may help things go more smoothly. Say “I understand you have lots of experience so I would like to use your skills to help with the task.” And “together we can do this job really well.” But why not just start by making her a cup of tea. Good luck

Anna: Oh thanks. (To Rachel) Rachel, would you like a cup of tea? And then we could talk about this contract

.Rachel: I don’t drink tea. Let’s just get down to business

.Anna: Oh, right

.Rachel: Now, I think you need to check your stock and make sure you’ve got your oranges

.Anna: Err… It’s lemons actually

.Rachel: Whatever. Just get them and… you know… put them in a… thingy… a box

Anna: Well, actually… I understand you have lots of experience so maybe we could you use your skills for this task

.Rachel: Well, it’s true, I do have lots of experience. Thanks for recognising that

?Anna: So maybe… we could work on this job… together

Rachel: Oh ya, sure. Great. Of course. I can get hold of these oranges… err… lemons, pronto. I know a man who can get some second-hand ones, it’ll save us loads of money

?Anna: But what about the quality

.Rachel: Quality?! It’s the cost we’ve got to worry about. Keep up Hannah

.Anna: Anna

Narrator: Come on Anna. Don’t let her boss you around. It’s time to stand your ground. If she causes trouble say “let’s discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action” or please respect my decision and let’s move on

Anna: Hmm, OK, I’ll give it a try. (To Rachel) Rachel, I like your enthusiasm but… can we discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action

!Rachel: Of course. Why didn’t you say? Come on discuss… discuss… talk

Anna: Well, we pride ourselves on quality products and our Imperial Lemon is particularly good… and I think our client is expecting that. So I would like to send them what I had promised in the contract

.Rachel: Oh ya, I see. But I’m not really sure you’re right

?Anna: Well, if you could just respect my decision this time and we can move on

.Rachel: Well, just this once Hannah. But I think I’m going to have to talk to Mr Socrates about you

Narrator: Well done Anna for standing your ground. It can sometimes be tricky working with a new member of staff, but it’s important to try and develop a good working relationship – remember business comes first! Let’s hear those phrases again

.I understand you have lots of experience, so I would like to use your skills to help with the task .Together we can do this job really well .Let’s discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action .Please respect my decision and let’s move on

.Tom: Hi Anna. Can’t believe we were in France this time yesterday

.Rachel: Oh hello, Tommy boy. Long time no see! This is a nice surprise

…Tom: Err… mmmm

?Anna: Have you two met before

?Rachel: We certainly have. Hey Tommy boy

!Tom: (To himself) Oh no

Narrator: Ha ha. Looks like Tom is lost for words – let’s hope he finds them in time for the next episode of English at Work. Bye

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