English at Work – Episode 34 : The business trip

English at Work Episode 34 : The business trip

English at Work – Episode 34 : The business trip


Transcript of the podcast

?Anna: (At the airport) Tom, could you let go of my hand

.Tom: Sorry, it’s just I get nervous flying

.Anna: Well, we’ve landed in Marseille now so you’re safe… oh, I like your passport photo

?Tom: Oh do you

.Anna: I didn’t know your middle name was Stanley

.Tom: After my great-great-grandfather

!Anna: Really? Come on we need to get a taxi. Taxi! Taxi

Narrator: Hello again. Anna and Tom are on a very important business trip to try and sign a deal to sell their plastic fruit to a company in France. The company has received a better offer so Anna needs to convince them that Tip Top Trading’s lemons are best. Are you feeling confident Anna

.Anna: Not really. It was OK speaking to them on the phone but seeing them face-to-face is quite scary

Narrator: You’ll be fine. Stay calm. They’ll be pleased you’ve taken the time to fly out and see them – but tell them you’re grateful for their time and recap what you told them on the phone

.Anna: Oh yes – beat the price of the competitor but get them to make a bigger order

.Narrator: Yes. If they order more you can offer a bigger discount. Good luck

Tom: Oh look, we’re here now. Now Anna, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but just leave the talking to me. Right

…Anna: Err, well

Tom: Oh, Madame Brown, ciao, great to see you

?Trader: What

Anna: Monsieur Brown. Bonjour. I’m Anna from Tip Top Trading. This is my colleague Tom. Thank you for sparing the time to see us

?Trader: No problem. Did you have a good flight

Tom: It was great. I love those little bottles of wine they give out… I kept a few with me if you fancy a glass of vin rouge

.Anna: I think we should sit down and discuss business

.Trader: Of course

.Tom: Yeah, yeah, good idea

Anna: Now, I believe Tutti Fruity has offered you a good price but as I said on the phone, we can beat that

.Trader: Yes you did

?!Tom: Did you Anna

.Anna: But to get this price you’ve got to buy lots more

Narrator: Anna! That’s not very subtle. You need to convince them they need to buy more without telling them they have to

Tom: What she means is our Imperial Lemons are made with our unique laser curve technology. They are hard wearing and a joy to have on display in any shop window or restaurant

!Anna: Tom, that’s amazing

!Tom: I read it on the back of the box

Anna: So, we really feel that we have a product that you’ll be proud to display. And to get this fantastic price you just need to place an order of 10,000

.Tom: And we can even throw in a free sample of our new Perfect Peach range

.Anna: Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee. I know you won’t be disappointed

.Trader: Hmm. It sounds good. OK, I think you have a deal

Narrator: Good work Anna. Don’t forget to ask him to sign the contract and tell him when he can expect the order to be delivered

Anna: OK. I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract. We’ll get the lemons to you as quickly as we can. Tom, do you have a pen

.Tom: Erm, no actually. It was in my bag yesterday but it’s gone… it was a nice, a good one too

.Trader: No problem. I have a pen. (signs the contract). There you go

Anna: Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We’ll get those lemons to you in two weeks’ time

!Trader: Perfect

Narrator: Good work Anna…oh and Tom too. The contract is signed but now you have to deliver what you’ve promised. There are many ways to clinch a deal; here are some of the phrases Anna used

.Thank you for sparing the time to see us .Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee – I know you won’t be disappointed .I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract .Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you

Narrator: So it’s been a successful day. It’s time for Tom and Anna to fly back to London and tell Paul the good news… or is it

(Back at the airport)

?Anna: Oh no look, our flight to London is cancelled! It’s the last one today. What are we going to do

.Tom: Well, I guess we’re just going to have to stay here for the night. I’ll sort out a hotel

!Narrator: Until next time. Bye

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