English at Work – Episode 31 : Sign on the dotted line

English at Work Episode 31 : Sign on the dotted line

English at Work – Episode 31 : Sign on the dotted line


Transcript of the podcast

Anna: Help, help! (Banging on door)

.Tom: Help us! We’re locked in

Narrator: Oh dear. Do you remember that Tom and Anna are locked in the stationery cupboard? What are they going to do? And what will people say when they are discovered in there? I have a feeling we’re about to find out

?Denise: Goodness, what’s that? Anna is that you? And is that you Tom

.Anna: Yes, help! We’re locked in

…Denise: Don’t panic, I’ve got the key (unlocks door). There. How on earth

…Tom: …it’s not how it looks Denise. We were just… erm

.Anna: …just looking for envelopes

?!Denise: Really

.Anna: Yes, yes, really. The door slammed shut and locked from the inside when Tom walked in

.Tom: Yeah, she’s right. Just walked in, and shut the door and bang

Denise: Hmm. Let’s just keep it our little secret shall we. (Aside to Anna) I thought you had better taste Anna

Paul: Ah there you are Anna, I need a word with you… Oh, you look like you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t! Ha ha

.Anna: …but I haven’t

Paul: Just joking Anna. Now could you step in to my office, we need to touch base about the European marketing strategy

?!Anna: Are we playing baseball

Narrator: No Anna! Touch base. He wants to catch up with you, probably to see how you’re getting on. Go on Anna, let’s see what he has to say

?Anna: Oh I see. (Office door shuts) That door doesn’t lock does it

Paul: No, I don’t think so. Right Anna. Biscuit? These new peanut ones are quite nice. So how are things with the project

.Anna: Well, I’ve done some cold calling and have an order from a company in France

?Paul: I see. Very impressive but have they signed on the dotted line yet

?Anna: The dotted line

?Paul: Have they actually signed the contract yet

…Anna: Well, no, but

Paul: …that’s the problem. There’s a rival company who’s also targeting the European market called Tutti Fruity – and they’ll do anything to steal our customers

.Anna: Oh I see

Paul: So, to keep our head above water, we need a clear strategy… and that’s why I’ve put you in charge. So what shall we do

.Narrator: I’ve a feeling Paul hasn’t a clue – that’s why he wants you to come up with the ideas

.Anna: I think you’re right – but I don’t know what to say

Narrator: Tell him we need to price the rivals out of the market, that means offer the lowest prices so nobody wants to buy plastic fruit from our rivals. You could say that we need to corner the market, that means Tip Top Trading dominates the plastic fruit market

.Anna: Oh, thanks. That’s very useful

?Paul: So Anna, any thoughts

.Anna: Lots Paul. I think we’ve got to compete on price

?Paul: Oh yes

Anna: We need to price Tutti Fruity out of the market. We need to corner the market so that everyone knows we are the best choice for good quality, good value plastic fruit

!Paul: I like it

…Anna: And… and

Narrator: Tell him we need to build good relationships with our customers – that means we give them good service

Anna: …we need to build good relationships with our customers. Talk to them regularly, send them gifts… go and meet them face to face

Paul: Face to face? Yes, great idea – just what I was thinking. If we follow this strategy I reckon there could be a bonus for us all by Christmas

Narrator: Well done Anna. Very convincing. If you can put your ideas into practice you’ll save the company. Let’s remind ourselves of the words you used to create the European marketing strategy

.We’ve got to compete on price .We need to price the rivals out of the market .We need to corner the market .We need to build good relationships with our customers

?Narrator: Well, things seem to be going well for Anna… or are they

Denise: Anna! Anna! That man from France has called again and left a message. He’s not happy this time. Something about us trying to rip them off

?Anna: What? Rip them off

.Denise: It means over charging them or giving them poor quality goods

.Anna: That’s not fair. I’m going to have to sort this out

.Narrator: That’s it Anna – go and build a good relationship with your customer! Bye for now

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