English at Work – Episode 28 : Home truths

English at Work Episode 28 : Home truths

English at Work – Episode 28 : Home truths


Transcript of the podcast

Narrator: Hello again. Tip Top Trading’s big boss, Mr Socrates has announced a new strategy to sell plastic fruit to Europe and hopefully keep the company afloat. But before the real work begins it’s time for him to enjoy some good English hospitality at the pub, courtesy of the team from the London office. Let’s join them now


Tom: …Well welcome to the Rose and Crown, it is small, not like one of those bars you get in your country. Can I get you a pint Mr Socrates

?Mr Socrates: A what

…Tom: A pint. A pint of beer, it’s really nice here if you like it

.Mr Socrates: I don’t drink. Just an orange juice, freshly squeezed

Paul: On go on Mr Socrates, one pint won’t hurt. You’ve got to have a pint of beer when you come to a pub

.Mr Socrates: Oh very well. I’ll try one. It had better be good

Tom: You’ll love it. I’ll get it. Three pints of your best beer please Mr Landlord. Denise, are you OK getting your own? I’m a bit short of cash

Denise: Oh… right. Mr Socrates, Anna said she would be along soon. She had some work to finish. She’s such a hard worker

Mr Socrates: Good to hear. She seems like a smart cookie. Now let’s try this beer …mmm, not bad, a little warm but… tasty

?Paul: Oh, you drank that quickly… would you like another one

.Mr Socrates: Sure


.Anna: Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late

.Denise: Hi Anna. Look Mr Socrates is enjoying our English beer. I think it’s going to his head

.Mr Socrates: (Loudly) Anna! Our best worker. Get Anna a drink

.Tom: Yes Mr Socrates. Of course Mr Socrates

.Mr Socrates: Anna, come over here, let’s talk

…Anna: Oh right. What about

?Tom: There you go Anna. I got you some crisps too. So what are we talking about

.Mr Socrates: Nothing. Thank you… bye bye

.Tom: Oh right. Bye bye. Yes, I’ll go and talk to Paul and Denise. I’ll just be over here

.Mr Socrates: What a loser. I can tell he’s all talk and no action

…Anna: Well, Tom’s a good worker really and

Mr Socrates: …and as for Paul. God, what a manager. Always eating cookies. You know he was fired from his last job because

.Narrator: Anna, I think he’s getting a bit too personal. That beer is making him say things he shouldn’t

?Anna: I know. What should I say

.”Narrator: Try saying “it’s not appropriate to talk like that” or “could we change the subject please

Anna: OK thanks. Erm, Mr Socrates I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk like that, could we change the subject please

Mr Socrates: Oh, sorry have I said too much? Maybe we should talk about you. I like you Anna. You’re keen but you’ve got a lot to learn and I think you should wear more black – it makes you look… thinner

Narrator: He’s out of order. I think he’s saying too much. Ask him to keep the conversation professional

Anna: Right, good idea. (To Mr Socrates) Erm, Mr Socrates, thank you but can we keep our conversation professional. There’s a lot to discuss about our European market strategy

Mr Socrates: Yeah, right, absolutely right. Anyway, you’re gonna have to lead this one not that Tom guy. I’m thinking of firing him, his results aren’t that great and

?Tom: …sorry to interrupt, just wondered if you’d like some nuts

…Mr Socrates: Hey Tom, I was just saying to Anna your results haven’t been good and I’m thinking of

Anna: (flustered)… of having another drink… thinking of having another drink. Mr Socrates, did you know Tom actually has a great idea for selling laser-curved oranges to Spain

?Tom: (puzzled) Do I

.Mr Socrates: That’s good to hear Tom. Email them to me and I’ll check them over tomorrow

Anna: Of course he will, Mr Socrates. Now how would you like to drink something, errr, less strong? Orange juice perhaps

.Mr Socrates: Na, I think I’ll try some more of the English beer


Narrator: I think Anna has just done Tom a big favour – she’s stopped him getting fired – for now. Sometimes conversations with your boss can get too personal but I think Anna’s got the hang of keeping things professional. Here’s a reminder of what she said

.It’s not appropriate to talk like that ?Could we change the subject please ?Can we keep our conversation professional please

Narrator: So Anna seems to be Mr Socrates’s favourite team member but now she’s got some explaining to do to Tom

Tom: Anna, what were you talking about to Mr Socrates? Ideas for selling laser-curved oranges to Spain

.Anna: He was going to fire you – so I was trying to tell him you had great ideas

…Tom: What?! You helped me? Anna, I don’t know what to say. I… I… I

?Anna: Yes

.Tom: I… need to go back to the office to work on some ideas

!Narrator: Good idea. Keep it professional, eh Tom? Until next time. Bye

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