Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 70

Vocabulary Warm-up Part 70

Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 70

.Complete the sentences by circling the correct homophone

.N1. The too / two girls were shopping for prom dresses

.N2. She couldn’t bear / bare to see her son cry

.N3. We waited outside for hours just to get a sneak peak / peek

.N4. Emily was thrilled that she passed / past her French exam

.N5. He wanted a buzz-cut to alter / altar his appearance

?N6. Are we meeting once or twice a week / weak

.N7. We will decide what to do after role / roll call

.N8. I had to stop running after I hurt my heal / heel

.N9. I don’t like the coarse / course texture of corn bread

.N10. Tom carried the pail / pale of water for two miles


N1. two N2. bear N3. peek N4. passed N5. alter N6. week N7. roll N8. heel N9. coarse N10. pail

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