Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 58


Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 58

: Phrases with color 2

.Put each of the following phrases in its correct place in the sentences below

red tape / to catch someone red-handed / to have green fingers / In black and white

N1. The offer of a job sounded very good on the phone but I shall not believe it till
. ………… I have it
N2. I must remind you that this is non-smoking office. I suspect that some of you have been smoking. If I happen ………… , I’m afraid it will mean dismissal
.N3. To import firearms into Britain you’ll have to fill in a lot of forms
. ………… There’s a lot of
. ………… N4. If you want to be a successful gardener, of course you’ve got



In black and white / to catch someone red-handed / red tape / to have green fingers


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