Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 43


Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 43

Write the correct part of speech of the given words and determine the part of speech you use in the parenthesis

.N1. All tools are (fabrication) ________ from high quality steel
.N2. He was one of the most (perceive) ________ political commentators
.N3. The political opinion of the spouses (correlation) ________ more closely than their heights
.N4. They will accept no agreement that would (legitimacy) ________ the ethnic division of the country
. ________ (N5. It is certain that he didn’t ask for the original of the (portrayal
. ________ (N6. His actions have been greeted with almost universal (disapprove



Fabricated / perceptive / correlate / legitimize / portrait / disapproval


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