Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 38


Vocabulary Warm-up – Part 38

.Match the target words with their definitions

N1. pace
N2. steak
N3. inherit
N4. monk
N5. devote
N6. therapy
N7. esteem

a. the speed at which something happens or is done
b. treatment that helps someone feel better or grow stronger
c. to use all or most of your time and effort in order to do something or help someone
d. to be born with the same character or physical appearance as your parents
e. a feeling of respect for someone, or a good opinion of someone
f. a large, thick piece of good-quality red meat
g. a member of an all-male religious group that lives apart from other people



N1. a
N2. f
N3. d
N4. g
N5. c
N6. b
N7. e


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